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Stop in to Studio 98 Hair Designs and our Professional Esthetician is always happy to provide you with the ultimate in skin care services that is personally customized for your skin type. Know of someone in need of a facial or treatment? Stop in and pick up a gift card today.



Choreographed Facial Ritual

'Almost' 2 hours


We only have one Pampering Facial, so we make it a masterpiece...and call it a Ritual!

Setting the atmosphere with a candle-lit room, this experience begins with a paraffin hand dip, followed by warm mitts, soothing facial cleansing, enzyme exfoliation under steam, a luxurious 26 step massage on face, neck and decollete, AHA mask, foot and lower leg therapy, hot stone treatments on arms, shoulders,and neck; then concluded with pure nourishment followed by cold eye stones, a warm neck wrap and a nap!

A pampering experience for the soul as well as the skin!

*Please schedule in advance due to preparation time.

Customized Alpha/Beta Organic 'chemical' Peels.

90 minutes $95.00

*discounted pre-paid packages are available.

ALWAYS customized to individual need, these are clinical treatments to promote cellular turnover, reverse aging clear acne, and many other concerns, on a dermal level. An initial consultation is conducted prior,(complimentary) to address your specific concerns. Treatment records are maintained. Compounds used are determined on an individual basis and may include combinations of Salicylic, Glycolic, Lactic, Jessners and the new Fusion* at clinical PH levels. Includes Dermaplaning * (see below), or enzyme treatment, extractions if necessary, and may also include Cryotherapy* (see below). Treatments may be done every (4 weeks +) to maintain optimum skin health. 

*If you wish to embrace this as a monthly routine we offer discounted pre-paid packages.


60 minutes $60

By itself, without the compounds, this treatment is designed to manually exfoliate the skin while removing all facial hair at the same time. Skin is nourished and protected at the end of the treatment. This is a painless alternative to facial waxing (may not be done on the eyebrows).

*Hair grows back normally - not thicker -sometimes thinner and lighter!

This treatment is included with our Alpha/Beta. Not recommended for skin with active acne breakout.

TCA and Fusion Peels

90 minutes

$149 - $199

*Similar to the Obagi Blue Peel

May not book without prior (complimentary) consultation and preparatory products (when needed).  Pictures and Treatment Records are maintained.

This peel permits the greatest depth of dermal penetration, without a physician, resulting in flawless, younger looking, and beautiful skin.  This treatment is MAGIC for sun damaged skin and fine lines.This treatment also provides a 'mini eye lift' when incorporated within the facial procedure.

The initial application causes discomfort for 2 minutes per coat, and a slight soreness (similar to a mild sunburn) follows, once the skin begins to transform, lasting approximately a week.

"Down Time" is approximately 10-14 days while skin goes through a metamorphosis, and may be used on other areas of the body such as arms, legs and hands!  


Individual Eyelash Extensions

2 hours - initial application 150

Monthly touch ups  $50

Mink or Silk. After preparation, a single lash extension is attached to your individual lash, one at a time, with a surgical type bonding glue. The look is customized to your request ~ natural, dramatic or in-between! The lashes stay on until your natural lash falls out (approximately 3-6 weeks). As you will not lose all the lashes at one time, most people maintain their lashes with monthly touch ups.


    Individual Eyelash Clusters

75 minutes $75

Monthly touch ups $50  

A more dramatic version of the individual lashes. Applied with the same 'fume free' glue used on the individual lashes. Individual clusters are linked to provide a long lasting 'false eyelash' look that stays for weeks. 

Lash / Brow Tinting

30-45 minutes

$25.00 Brow

$30.00 Lashes

Natural Results ~ tints come in light brown, brown, deep black, blue black, auburn purple, and blue. In most cases, (for brows only), we can customize the color to match your hair.

The color maintains approximately 2-4 weeks with proper maintenance.


Hands & Feet - $90

Foot only - $60

Hands only - $40

A warm oil with aromatherapy selection will be applied to hands and lower arms or feet and lower legs. After relaxation of the muscles a therapy consisting of 9 different movements will be performed on each corresponding section of hand or foot. Special attention can be given to problem areas if preferred. Noticeable results are visible within 24 hours. Sore spots indicate blockage/trouble areas in the body and sometimes more than one treatment is needed to unblock.

 Guided Imagery

120 minutes - $90

After taking the client through a series of breath exercises and relaxation, he/she is guided verbally on a journey to visualize and respond to their inner answer. This can be an emotional experience similar to a psychotherapy session, however the difference is that I am merely a guide to their visualization, and do not provide feedback or advice. The client will their own answers, and solutions through their journey and tapping into the power of their subconscious mind.

Customized Requests

Don't see it on the menu? Schedule a complimentary 30 minute consultation. Our Paramedical Esthetician (who is also an Internationally Certified Aromatherapist) is able to work with you on almost any specific needs or concerns you may have concerning your skin.


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